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Jens Cornelsen (Owner's representative) Cornelsen & Partner Am Hafen
1. From a  SuperYacht Owner point of view could you tell us how important is the interaction with the Shipyard during the all building Process?
Yes, the owner of the Millennium 80/04 came from a 143’ sailing yacht of very high standard, built by a north european super yacht yard. Naturally the owner was looking for and expected an approx. 80’ powerboat, built to at least the same standard. This was fulfilled by OTAM's.

2. Did you experienced the skills and typical OTAM approach to New Builds as a Super Yacht Builder instead of a serial producer?
Yes, we did experience the skills within the OTAM company you need to create something special, different then ordering and building a straight forward production boat.

3. Was MYSTERE successfully delivered within the contractual delivery date and at the level of Quality you was expecting?
Yes, believe it or not, but despite all the customizing work which got carried out on our project, Mystere got delivered successfully within the contractual delivery schedule! Actually, slightly early. The same time it needs to be mentioned, "and at a level of quality, beyond our expectations".

4. We know a lot of attention and care was given to the engine room quality and detailing, did you and Mr Cornelsen managed to achieve the result you wanted together with OTAM Project and Production Management?
Yes, I do confirm that a lot of attention and care was given to the engine room another systems…

5. Otam decision making process is really fast, how important is it in the construction of a yacht like Mystere? Could you provide us with a practical example?
Yes, the relative small and therefore slender management of the OTAM yard results into efficient communications between the owner, his representative, the yard's point of contact and on to the shop floor. This counts for small detailing, but also major decisions.

6. Among Quality, reliability, personal relations and other services provided by the Italian shipyard for the building of MYSTERE which is
the best enjoyable aspect of building a Custom Yacht in Italy with OTAM?
Yes, among other projects we have been involved with in the position as the owner's rep, not only in Italy, the Mystere project with OTAM has been one of the most enjoyable ones. Not because we did not have issues, but we had no issues unsolved.

7. Are you proud of the Product and how was the first season at sea?
Yes, after the successful acceptance trials I left the boat to the owner and has dedicated italian crew. The boat cruised this summer the italian west coast and the Balearics without any issues. All of us, including the owner, his team, the OTAM management, as well as the guys on the shop floor should be proud of the achievement, I am for sure.

8. Which is the best OTAM value, if any, in the today Yachting Market?
Yes, this is difficult answer to a difficult question, related to today's yachting market. To keep up the value of such a complex object, you need three things to start with:
• a well designed and built yacht
• a well trained, adhjucated, dedicated crew
• and an owner, who make the funds available for the crew and the necessary maintenance and service work

9. Would you recommend OTAM as a good environment, as a proper size Shipyard and safe structure where to build and develop high quality with an outstanding level of customization Projects?
Yes, I would recommend the OTAM yard at any time for a new construction project of  an 80’ to 150’ motor yacht or for just servicing and maintaining such a vessel. The facilities and the necessary dedicated staff are available. The motor yachts, handled by OTAM could be of total custom design or a semi-custom project such as our OTAM 80’ Mystere.

10.Which are the Otam Mystere’ strengths?
Yes, Mystere's strength is the boat's elegant design, combined with proper, rigid engineering and dedicated people at the yard in Genoa, three minutes away from Genoa airport !

Should anybody any furhter information, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail or phone.

Jens Cornelsen (owner's representative) Cornelsen & Partner Am Hafen
51 c Altes Zollamt
25348 Glückstadt
Tel.0049 172 4000 854
Fleet Captain Simon Mortlock and Mr Alex Banning (Owner's representative)
The Owner long Terms Captain Simon Mortlock added; “ OTAM delivered a seriously impressive chase boat exactly as initially promised, on time and with the same level of customization one sees on Superyachts. A nice surprise was OTAM delivering on their promise of speed by exceeding the contractual speed by 6 knots!! The Owner wll really enjoy this ne addition to the Fleet”
Proud Otam Buyer
“I'm a repeated proud OTAM buyer, I currently own n°2 OTAM units one 58'HT and the Otam 65’.
After many years owning several serial products I decided to approach OTAM for the high reputation and the level of quality the italian brand masterly represents.
True and only meaning of customization, high reliability and outstanding performances they where the main drivers of my research. Seakeeping, impressive efficiency, high speed with sea force 3 or 4 with an always dry deck they do not come by accident and this is a fact I experienced in the past being the captain of my units myself.
After many years OTAM has fulfilled and exceeded my expectations more than once delivering n°2 remarkable high quality Units.
The inside remarkable volume allowed me to use the space in the way I need and like more. Customizing the interiors is a very pleasant phase when is the time of OTAM, no one limitation was given. I feel this is the only way that makes your Unit an exclusive one, not similar to others and totally reflecting my way of doing things.
Proper rigid structures and perfect weight distribution allow me to use OTAM Units with every sea state but what is really impressive is the outstanding efficiency despite the power OTAM offers. The consumption of these yachts is remarkably lower compared with other production well known brand boats, this is one of the best added value of the italian brand. Consumption is a very important tangible data which is really impressive indeed at every time I use one of my two OTAM.
I'm 100% a proud german OTAM owner and final user”.
58' HT Florida Based Unit Alain Zenatti
I'm very proud to represent OTAM in the USA as the owner of CARBON 55, OTAM 58'HT but also as a Maritime Professional for 25 years as a Yacht Captain from 90' to 150' but also as Consultant Manager.
OTAM is for me the specialist #1 of the high performance Cabin Boat and the only one by the quality of the manufacture. Very easy to maintain and very enjoyable for friends & family from 0 to 57knots!!! Impressive reliability and efficiency.