New 115-Foot Superyacht Can Reach a Blistering 44 Knots on the Water

Otam Yachts is locked, loaded and ready to fire another silver bullet on the high seas. The Italian yard has just unveiled a new 115-footer that it claims will be one of the fastest aluminum yachts on the water.

The sleek alloy speedster is the second model in Otam’s Aluminum Custom Range. The first award-winning vessel, Gipsy, measures the same length as the new design, though offers a fraction of the speed. Version 2.0 will reportedly be capable of reaching a breakneck 44 knots at full tilt while its predecessor tops out at 20.

The vessel fittingly takes cues from the aeronautical and automotive worlds to reflect Otam’s self-described “racy DNA.” Featuring an exterior by BG Design Firm, it sports aggressive lines and chromed air vents to rival your favorite racecar.