The house of your otam

Attention and care stands out from the regular service approach


Once an OTAM unit is launched and finally delivered it certainly belongs to the Client, But, she will always be an OTAM unit for ever therefore our proud, attention and care stands out from the regular service approach giving to our product an higher value in time no doubts.
It is over 90% of OTAM existing Owners demanding to have a full package securing the Yacht in the hands of the Builder for the years to come and we feel this is not by accident.

Meticulously cared

Higher value in time


Maintenance, servicing and wintering has always been one of the Company trade marks as first specialized Yard in Liguria since 1954.
OTAM belief is that the launch of the Yacht is only the day One as a clear outstanding approach and not just as a simple way of servicing Yachts and Clients in the today market.
No compromise in quality is our philosophy especially after the final delivery to the Client ensuring to our Products outstanding quality, reliability and value through the years to come.

Experience our niche exclusive environment in full

Otam private marina in santa margherita-portofino area with over 60 berths dedicated to otam owners


Ejoying the Sealife and the Yacht is not just a matter of forecast weather conditions but it is a consequence of the environment you select for your Yacht. Experience with OTAM a true lifestyle opportunity securing your berth in one of the most exclusive Marina in the Mediterranean Sea. Dedicated special customized service for each single Owner from mooring to cleaning. Just enjoy your day on board as we do take care of all the rest.