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Full safety and pure Luxury while cruising at 40 or 44 knots with a sea at force 3 or 4. Outstanding performances and fuel efficiency between 50 and 60 knots max speed, special attention to the power/weight ratio. One of the most important advantages of an OTAM product? Efficiency! At a cruising speed of 40 + knots (apx 1,600 rpm), an OTAM needs 10 litres of fuel per nautical mile. Precise skills and reliability they make the difference in the luxury chase boats market ref 58ht Crazy too, ref 2 x 45’ Lion Cub, ref 58ht and 85 GTS chase boats to Mega Yachts.

Limitless engineering

From concept to realization


The unique synergy between Hull Design, Weight distribution and mechanical engineering makes efficiency and reliability an OTAM trade mark since over 60 years. With a dead-rise of more than 21° OTAM guarantees Outstanding performance in total safety and pure Luxury even at sea state 3 to 4. OTAM reaches high levels of performance without chasing only the Power of the engines but carrying out proper R&D of new technologies to reduce the weight offering impressive performances.

Not a simple builder

An italian high specialized manifacturer


Manufacturing every single OTAM unit inch by inch starting form the no-compromise in quality engine room makes of OTAM a true unique solution in the today Market.
Fast & Iconic hulls made by OTAM are built using a mix of Aramat and vinyl ester resin with a special focus on lightness thanks to the experience gained in offshore speed boats races OTAM builds with a rare approach almost never used in Pleasure Luxury Yachts.
OTAM Custom Range constructions are in full aluminium material for limitless aesthetics choice.
One of the few Yards with a built in interior process ensuring top quality no matter the speed makes of OTAM an high-end/top nich Shipyard where to build quality Custom Reliable Projects.