Bespoke 'n Dagger

If patience is indeed a virtue then the owner of this stunning vessel must be a
saintly individual to hold out for their one of a kind build.


Imagine for a moment the build up of excitement you'd experience as your fullybespoke, one-of-one, 85-foot demon of a boat gradually took shape in a shipyard somewhere in Italy. At first the structural elements appear out of thin air, then they're loaded with mechanical components and finally the vessel takes its final form. This dream happens to be one lucky owner's reality right now, as Otam barrel towards the end of a landmark 85 GTS build.
Otam are in the business of high-performance luxury chase boats, building super slick hulls from a mix of Aramat and vinyl ester resin and loading them with power. This particular vessel is being furnished with twin MTU 16v M96L engines, which will propel its dagger-like form at a blistering 38-knot cruising speed with a maximum of 45 knots. The exterior cuts a clean silhouette, owing to a sleek design and a brooding black finish.
On-deck the 85 offers a wide-open experience, with expansive flat surfaces and a large, airy cockpit. There's plenty of room for lounging and dining out in the fresh ocean breeze, swim platform parties will be the thing of legend and the odd game of fore-deck cricket may well break out in the course of a cruise.
With all this exposed deck-side real estate, it would be easy to assume the Otam 85 is best suited to fair-weather wandering, but looking below deck it becomes evident that this is a year-round escape. The pilothouse is, of course, sufficient for standard downpours and windy days, but if Poseidon starts throwing buckets, then the luxurious underbelly will prove to be a comfortable station for as long as necessary.
This build is being laid out with two large suites, including a full beam master amidships, with interior design courtesy of Joseph Dirand Architecture. Between the two sleeping quarters there's a galley and dining area, and there are options to pack in extra single beds all over the place. Furnishings and finishings will be entirely custom made, according to the owner's tastes, making sure the design is a unique reflection personal style and a functional facilitator of a patient captain's lavish lifestyle.